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  • Grandma fish Angle

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    Grandma fish Angle

    Packing specification: 350g/ box ×36 box/box

    Carton size: 57cm × 29cm × 24cm

    Product description: the password from the sea, deep sea fish meat Angle is enough "fresh", all of the deep sea fish, to the quality of fish, fresh meat deep sea fish skin, leather fish contain 85% or higher, stuffing shrimp containing 95% or more, make the skin material strength, Q play fish skin, skin thin flesh can be pervious to light, thin skin filling large, long boil not lousy, strength unaided, pure hand bag, let every grain of fishskin Angle witness nine fang spirit of originality, "with originality, focus on product"

    A variety of meals: hot pot clear soup fried

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